Aeration and more
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Soil aeration

Over time, the earth compacts. It creates a bad infiltration of water, the appearance of undesirable plants and scattered lawn. Thus it is recommended to proceed to a soil aeration at least every two years.

The aeration will have for consequence to rectify the compaction and will favour the growth of roots and will increase air circulation, humidity and fertilizer.

The aeration consists of the extraction of small carrots of earth, the size can be equal or superior to the roots.

It’s better to aerate the ground in the spring when the roots are growing actively. The ground must be soggy and not frozen. The recovery of the plant is much faster, when the temperature is fresh and when there are more precipitations. It can also be done in the fall.

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The ground has a natural trend to acidification and the lime is beneficiary to correct the level of the pH in the ground. The lime maintains or increases the activity of microorganisms in the ground and prevents the reproduction of weeds which favour the acid grounds.

Thanks to its effect on the fertility of the ground and on the absorption of plants, the lime allows to improve the colour and the density of your lawn.

The application of the lime is made in the spring and\or in the fall and is available in the “Pouce-Vert Plan » upon your request.

A test of pH must be made to know if your ground needs it. This test is free.

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Over the years, the lawn can become scattered, for many reasons allowing the weeds to settle in and infest your lawn. We shall analyze the various solutions to remedy to this situation by offering you the  services and the right products.

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pH analysis

Most of the lawns, in Quebec, are generally too acid. It is necessary to apply some lime in spring or fall. The pH analysis is free in our plans and the lime treatment is included in the “Pouce-Vert” Plan.