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We use some top quality sod, « Kentucky Bluegrass ». To assure the quality, we install it within 12 hours after the cut.

The levelling is made with top soil. Slopes are made according to municipal regulations and according to natural inclinations.

Our plus with regards to the competition, it is that we use ½  » to ¾ » of earth (black earth, compost, peat moss), before laying the sod. It nourishes and allows to have a softer ground which will not compact, and also allows  the absorption of water which will favor the growth of the roots.

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Rock garden

The success of a rock garden rests on some basic principles. It is not only a rock pile with some plants. Our experts will know how to advise you wisely, to personify your rock garden according to your budget and your desires so as to realize a rock garden in harmony, a judicious arrangement between plants and mineral.

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We plan, install and maintain your irrigation system.
We have several choices of residential and commercial systems for your lawn or flower beds. Contact us for an appointment and one of our professionals will be please to advise you.