Trees and shrubs services
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We offer fertilization services for hedges, shrubs and plants. We can fertilize by injections directly into the roots or by granules. The fertilizer used differs, according to species or period. A program will be suggested to you, during the visit of one of our technicians.

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Pruning of hedge

Hedges bound our grounds and bring a feeling of intimacy. For our region, it is recommended to cut the cedar hedge once a year, between June and September. As regards the hedge of broad-leaved trees, it can be cut several times, up to four times a year, between May and October. No matter the size of your hedges, our team will know how to follow your requirements and offer you a fast and impeccable service.

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The pruning is a way of cutting which consists in removing the side branches and sometimes the top of the tree to favor the growth of new shoots or the foliage.
Ask us for a free estimation and one of our experts will be happy to estimate your trees and to emit his recommendations.